What Is Your YA Superhero Identity?

What would your YA superhero name be? Add any conjunctions you deem necessary. Birth month and birth date digit correspond to words listed below the formula.

The [Birth Month] + [Last Digit of Birth Date] + [First Street You Lived On]

January: Great

February: Fabulous

March: Majestic

April: Astonishing

May: Magnificent

June: Incredible

July: Fierce

August: Awe-Inspiring

September: Spectacular

October: Splendid

November: Unforgettable

December: Dazzling


0: Wondrous

1: High-Flying

2: Gravity-Defying

3: Magnetic

4: Sparkling

5: Powerhouse

6: Ageless

7: All-Encompassing

8: Dauntless

9: Tender-Hearted