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HOURS: Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Contact: 661-758-7400 or [email protected]

1. All library books are checked out to the patron by only using their current school year ID
2. Any library book checked out to the patron is that patron's responsibility.
3. All patrons are to check out, renew, or return books in the library only.
4. All books are due back three weeks from the day they are checked out. The patron will receive a piece of paper with the due date.
5. The patron may renew the book up to three times.
6. The patron is fined $0.15 for everyday the book is past due.
7. Fines will not be dropped and must be paid.
8. Reference books and magazines are not available for check-out.
9. Fines are not accrued on days the library is closed.
10. Be respectful of all material and patrons in the library.


1. All textbooks are checked out to the students by only using their current school year ID.
2. Any textbook checked out to the student is that student's responsiblity.

Students will be:
1. charged $5.00 for damaged and/or removed barcodes
2. will be charged for damaged textbooks
3. charged for the first textbook if they check out a second one until it is returned.
4. denied all privileges (unable to attend activities, etc.) until the text books are paid for or returned.
5. must pay all bills and debts to the school district, including fees and fines for the library, or their diploma will be withheld.